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Pocket Door Frame Kits and Pocket Door Hardware

About Pocket Doors

Example of a Pocket Door configurationConventional Door compared to a Pocket DoorPocket door hardware is designed to offer maximum space saving characteristics for a multitude of applications. Pocket Doors are particularly well suited for dining rooms, master bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchens or anywhere floor space is at a premium. The use of a pocket door frame kit will free up previously unusable wall and floor space with a clean and modern appearance.

Johnson Pocket Door Installed FramePocket doors slide on rails and disappear inside a wall rather than swinging on hinges. There is nothing special about the door itself and most any door can be installed as a pocket door. The pocket door hardware and pocket door frame kit is what distinguishes this type of door from others. Rollers are fastened to the top of the door slab. They slide on a metal track that extends back into the wall the same width as the door. The pocket door frame kit is what creates the hollow cavity in the wall for the door to slide into. In new construction projects the pocket door frame must be installed before the drywall is applied to the walls in the room.

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