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Emtek Products, Inc. is dedicated to bringing interesting, well-made hardware back into American homes as Americans are re-discovering the satisfaction that comes from owning well-designed products. Emtek is striving to provide a broad, interesting range of products that consumers can use as elements of decor, not just as a way to latch a door. Since its founding in 1981, Emtek has built a reputation for reliability and integrity of design as a result of the company's insistance on good workmanship.


All orders of Emtek products are custom-assembled per your order, making them unique to your specifications. This provides much freedom for you to select from a near limitless combination of door knob designs, lever door handle designs, rosettes, plates, and finish colors to compliment the individual decor of your home.

Emtek Door Hardware - Door Knobs

Emtek Door Knobs

Interior passage, privacy, dummy knobs
Emtek Door Hardware - Lever Door Handles

Emtek Lever Door Handles

Interior passage, privacy, dummy levers
Emtek Door Hardware - Keyed Knob Locks

Emtek Keyed Knob Locks

Keyed door knobs for exterior and interior use
Emtek Door Hardware - Keyed Lever Locks

Emtek Keyed Lever Locks

Keyed door levers for exterior and interior use
Emtek Door Hardware - Entry Door Handle Sets

Emtek Entry Door Handle Sets

Exterior entry locks - single or double-keyed
Decorative exterior handles
Emtek Door Hardware - Mortise Lock Sets

Emtek Mortise Locks

Exterior mortise lockset handles offer heavy-duty security
Emtek Door Hardware - Decorative Door Handle Plates

Emtek Door Handle Plates

Decorative plates for interior passage, privacy, dummy use
Door Hardware - Deadbolt Door Locks

Emtek Deadbolt Door Locks

Lock your door with a bolt for interior or exterior use
Emtek Door Hardware - Door Pulls

Emtek Door Pulls

Decorative door pull handles for interior or exterior use
Emtek Door Hardware - Door Hinges

Emtek Door Hinges

Solid brass and plated steel hinges in residential, heavy-duty, ball-bearing, and spring-loaded
Emtek Door Accessories

Emtek Door Accessories

Pocket door locks, door stops, surface bolts, door knockers, flush bolts, door catches, and more
Emtek Home Decor

Emtek Home Decor

Address numbers, switch plates, doorbell covers, casement latches, and more
Emtek Cabinet Hardware

Emtek Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, drawer pulls, in many materials and styles
Emtek Bathroom Hardware

Emtek Bathroom Hardware

Towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders, robe hooks

More about Emtek hardware:


A huge variety of designs to fit all homes, including truly authentic antique reproductions

Emtek provides designs of door knobs, door levers, entry door handles, and decorative plates in all types of genres to compliment your home no matter what style it is. By browsing Emtek hardware you will find American heritage, contemporary, antique, Arts & Crafts, Tuscany, rustic, southwestern, and many more designs of hardware.

Emtek Ice White Porcelain Door Knob ReproductionEmtek's reproduction hardware designs are taken from actual hardware creations that originated in architecture and factories from the early 1Emtek Quincy Door Handle Plate8th through 20th centuries. Emtek's crystal door knobs are authentic reproductions of designs made by North American factories as early as 1830. Their porcelain knob designs date back to the 1700s. Emtek's Rope style knobs and handles originated in England during the early 1800s and the design reached North America around 1910. The Belmont styles were manufactured by the Sargent Lock Company in Connecticut during the 1910s and '20s. The Quincy plate was a staple of North American product lines from 1880-1940. The Victoria style knobs and plates are replicas of one produced by the Yale & Towne Company in Connecticut beginning in 1910, and this style represents Victorian architecture.

Use of genuine, solid materials that will last a lifetime

Emtek Siena Bronze Lever Door HandleEmtek door knobs, lever door handles, entry door locks, deadbolts, and other door hardware are made from solid forged materials including brass, bronze, and steel. Emtek does not cast or stamp their products, but instead uses a forging process that provides a flawless surface that can be highly polished if desired. Their use of solid material provides for thick and heavy high-quality products.

Emtek Crystal Door KnobEmtek crystal door knobs and cabinet knobs are made from true lead crystal that yields high optical quality for brilliant looking knobs. The flat facets on these crystal knobs are hand ground and polished using the same techniques for polishing gem stones. Crystal knob sets are silver-mirrored on the back side creating a highly reflective interior surface that is true to the historical heritage of these knobs.


Heavy-duty mechanical designs provide reliable operation of products

Emtek Rope Lever Door HandleEmtek door knobs and lever door handles are supported by spring mechanisms that return the handle back to the "resting" position to prevent sagging of the handles. Plastic bushings between the handle and backplate provide a friction-free wear surface for smooth handle operation. Emtek lever door handles have a fixed stop at the top of their stroke so the levers are only capable of rotating downward and never upward. All emtek handles have a "set-screw" that, when tightened, eliminates wobbling of the handle that often occurs in other hardware products that you often find in large home improvement centers.

Emtek ships their door handle products with heavy-duty diecast latches that have strong internal springs, solid brass nose bolts, and sintered metal cams. They also provide faceplates and strikeplates that are made from solid brass material, not zinc or plated steel.


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